Magic Kingdom iconic Instagram spots

Walt Disney World is filled with picture perfect locations and no other theme park has quite as many Instagram spots as Magic Kingdom!  is the best way to remember your trip and knowing which locations will create captivating backgrounds can be tough! So, to help you plan your next picture perfect Disney trip here are my top Magic Kingdom Instagram locations to make sure your Disney holiday lives on in your camera roll and on your Instagram for ever more! 

The first great Instagram location at Magic Kingdom is the iconic Purple Wall! They say that “this is the wall that started it all” as popular Instagrammers and Bloggers began taking their pictures in front of this Purple Wall near the Tomorrowland entrance and it launched itself into THE photo op of Magic Kingdom! The Purple Wall is in a perfect location as it is away from the main walkway so is often not too crowded. Also, The Purple Wall is so famous that it has its very own Instagram account! So, once you have snapped your perfect shot, why not tag The Purple Wall’s account @purplewallphotos as you might be lucky enough to be featured on the page! The Purple Wall also has its very own hashtag #thepurplewall where you can check out other Purple Wall poses and tag your own photo for others to see! In 2018 The Purple Wall also got its very own signature slushy drink – a taro tea with tapioca boba which makes the bright shade of purple colour that comes topped with whipped cream and purple sprinkles! This is a limited-edition drink so before posing for your Purple Wall photo ask around if the drink is being sold at Magic Kingdom currently! 

Cinderella’s Castle is arguably the most famous Instagram spot in Magic Kingdom – and for good reason! Cinderella’s Castle is so synonymous and iconic for Disney that getting a picture with it in the background is an absolute MUST for anyone’s Disney trip! There is also the option to have your photo taken by the Disney Photographers as you walk down Mainstreet U.S.A. towards the Castle, but you do not need to do this to get a good picture! To get a picture without any other Magic Kingdom guests in you will have to get a bit creative – heading to either of the side ramps behind the Castle and taking your shot from this angle will certainly reduce the amount of people in the background – maybe even to 0! Or if you have some time on your hands, you could hang around the walkway up to the Castle around 11am and wait for the cast members to shut the walkway for the show, then you can swoop in and get your picture-perfect Instagram shot with a people-free background! Be sure to hurry though as you won’t get long before being ushered through to Fantasyland! 

Magic Kingdom iconic Instagram spots

Getting photos for Instagram on the rides is a little bit trickier but it definitely can be done! The Prince Charming Regal Carousel is an iconic attraction to get a picture on – be sure to sit on one of the horses on the edge of the ride and have your photographer (mum, husband, dad, daughter…whoever!) stand as close to the barrier as they can get – this way they can take the best shot possible! And to any future-photographers reading this, make sure you take a picture each time the ride goes round, as a couple are bound to be blurry! This way you can be sure to have taken at least one Instagram-worthy picture, and the others can be used in the scrapbook! 

One slightly unconventional spot to take a great Instagram shot is the Tangled Restrooms in Fantasyland (arguably the prettiest restrooms in the world!) – Disney went all out when designing this location and really stuck to the Tangled theme – the hanging lanterns and sun flags that were so iconic in the film will be a prominent feature in your photo, and for an even more amazing shot be sure to return at dusk if you want to see “the floating lanterns gleam” as Rapunzel would say. 

The next photo op comes right as you enter Magic Kingdom – along Mainstreet U.S.A. you will find many cast members holding huge bouquets of balloons – some with Mickey and Minnie Mouse on and some with a variety of colours of Mouse Ears in! If you are feeling brave enough you can ask the cast member if you can hold the balloons to take a picture with them, but they are not allowed to let them go so you will either need to get creative with your cropping skills or ask them to pose with you! If your editing skills are not up to this or if you really want a solo shot, you can always time your photo just right and get one just in front of the bouquet of balloons so that they make up the background of your Instagram shot!  

Magic Kingdom iconic Instagram spots

If you happen to be using your Disney Dining Credits at the Magical Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom, then you will also be immersed in one of the best Instagram-able locations at Magic Kingdom! The Grand Ballroom is lit with twinkling chandeliers which make for unique lighting for your photos – but it is really the chandelier that is the main event! Be sure to take your photos from a lower angle in here to make sure you get the chandelier in the background. Or you could feature the servers who “only wish to serve” and weather-changing windows for an iconic Beauty and Beast photo op! This iconic location also makes for a pretty rare photo as this restaurant is booking only – be sure to book a few months in advance for this restaurant as it is an extremely popular dining location at Magic Kingdom! The entrance also makes for a fabulous photo so get your cameras at the ready before you even head in! 

If you feel like jazzing up your photos, why not purchase a pair of Minnie / Mickey Mouse ears (or bring your old ones!) as this will really make your Disney Photos pop! We also love to take pictures holding our Mikey-shaped food, like the pretzels and giant lollypops, in front of these iconic spots as these make for unique Instagram Stories where you can geotag Magic Kingdom or for “Disney photo-dumps” on Instagram! 

However, even if you miss out on these iconic Magic Kingdom Instagram spots there is no need to worry as, ultimately, every picture you take at Magic Kingdom will be Magical! There is nothing better than taking tons of photos while at the theme parks to treasure your Walt Disney World memories for years to come!