Japan Holidays

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Japan Holidays

A glimpse of Japan

Japan is known as the land of contrasts with their stunning landscapes, spell binding history, unique culture and old traditions, and yet forward thinking innovation. Visit Buddhist temples and experience the traditional customs that are still honoured to this very day. In one train journey jump on the bullet train which will take you from the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo to the beauty of the Japanese Alps. Japan is such a diverse country that has inspired many a writer over the centuries from the iconic view of Mount Fuji to the coastal beauty of Matsushima Bay. Japan is a country of culture with their emperors, elegant art and Geishas; it is a truly mesmerising and breath-taking nation. The cuisine will be a highlight of your Japanese holiday from fresh sushi to delicious Teppanyaki and warming Ramen broths, steaming street stalls to Michelin star restaurants. Speak to one of our team and your journey can take you into a unique adventure through time that only Japan can offer.

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