Things to do along the Gulf Coast

Things to do along the Gulf Coast
Things to do along the Gulf Coast
Things to do along the Gulf Coast
Things to do along the Gulf Coast

There is no shortage of options to enjoy when you are in Florida and if you are looking to find an area with something that all of the family can enjoy, you will love the Gulf Coast. There are beaches on private islands, museums, historical places of interest, galleries and lots of natural attractions. Whatever sort of activity that will help you to make the most of your Florida trip, the Gulf Coast will present it.

Clearwater provides cultural activities

This is a peninsula that provides the perfect place for people who want some activity in their holiday. This is located on the West coast of Florida with the Gulf of Mexico heading west and Tampa Bay heading towards the east. There are plenty of beach activities in store here as well as a number of fine dining options, shopping and golf courses. You will also find plenty of cultural activities and opportunities so if you are looking to broaden your horizons, this will be one of the best locations in the state to visit.

The Moccasin Lake Nature Park is an excellent place to visit showcasing the broad range of local animals and plants. There is also the marine aquarium in Clearwater, which provides you with the chance to get close to all manner of life that lives underwater. Of course, many people find that the 35 miles of glorious beaches is all the incentive they need to head to this part of Florida.

St Petersburg offers museums and cultural attractions

While Florida is an area that is synonymous with the sun, St Petersburg is viewed as the sunniest place in the state, so you can understand why it is so popular as a tourist destination. This may mean that you do not want to go indoors but the heat and sun can be too powerful at times which means that the range of galleries and museums will offer welcome sanctuary.

There are museums and exhibitions for people of all ages and interests. Kids will love the Great Explorations Museum, there is a Salvador Dali museum for people who are interested in art and for anyone looking for a thought provoking and challenging exhibition, and the Holocaust Museum is extremely powerful.

The Pier area provides a wide range of activities and retail outlets, not to mention a tremendous range of dining options. If you are more focused on living the high life at night, this is also the area to look out for as St Petersburg transforms when the sun goes down.

Tampa offers something for everyone

When it comes to stereotypical Florida holiday destinations, Tampa is the one that people think of. This is because there are plenty of amusement parks, there is a great deal of sun, there are plenty of water based activities, there is an opportunity to partake in some sports and there are lots of fantastic restaurants and shops. No matter what sort of holiday you are looking for, Tampa has everything which makes it such an ideal base for people looking to cram in as much excitement and entertainment to their stay as possible.

Englewood allows guests to take it easy

People looking to take it slightly easier in Florida, and who want to steer clear of the spring break style of holiday, will find that Englewood is the ideal place to visit. This allows people to connect with the traditional idea of Hollywood and there are plenty of quiet and relaxing activities to enjoy. When it comes to making the most of quiet beaches and the waters filled with fish that are ripe for catching, Englewood offers a style of holiday that is not on offer anywhere else in the state.

It is easy to think of Florida as being home to beaches and amusement parks and little else, but that is certainly not the case. There is a great deal of variety on offer in Florida and no matter what age you are or what sort of holiday you are looking for, this state can provide you with a perfect trip.

Everglades National Park

No matter how long you have to visit Florida, you will find a visit to the Everglades as being well worth it. This is one of the wildest areas in the whole of North America and more than a million visitors attend every single year, enjoying the subtropical atmosphere and layout. With more than 500 different birds and animals, the Everglades is an ecosystem in its own right. The area plays host to a great number of endangered species.

While there is debate over whether an area of land that is home to so many endangered species should be made available to so many people, there is no doubt that there is a great level of interest in the location. The prestige that the Everglades is held in can be seen with the fact that it is recognised as a World Heritage site, an International Biosphere Reserve and a Wetland of International importance. There are only three places in the entire world that hold such a reputation.

There are countless activities to enjoy in the Everglades National Park including wilderness adventures, taking a tour on a boat, eco related tours, hiking, camping and bird watching.

Naples is the golf capital of the world

If you want to see the brighter and plusher side of life in Florida, you will find that Naples is the place to be. The area is known for having high class dining and shopping opportunities but it is also known for having a great number of golf courses. In fact, Naples refers to itself as the Golf Capital of the World, which seems to be a fair remark given that there are over 80 championship golf courses to enjoy in Naples.

There is also a beach that lasts for 10 miles and is recognised as being one of the cleanest and whitest beaches you will find the state. The water found off the coast of the Naples beach is said to be amongst the calmest you will find in the state. There is no doubt that Naples is the ideal destination for people looking to take things easy while enjoying the finer things in life.

Cape Haze is a romantic getaway

When it comes to finding a place of natural beauty, there is a lot to be said for Cape Haze, which is a peninsula which is found looking on to the Gulf of Mexico. This is the ideal place for holidaymakers who are looking to commune with nature on their trip. Although there is a great deal of interest in this area, it is less crowded than many of the areas found in Florida. In fact, the peninsula is more often likened to the look, feel and atmosphere of a Caribbean Island. If you are keen to make the most of your opportunities on a romantic getaway, this is a Florida destination that will be perfect for you.

Fort Myers has a sense of history

This area is commonly referred to as the City of Palms and when you arrive here, you will understand why. The streets are lined with a range of palm trees and this area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. There are many reasons for this but a strong reason is the fact that Fort Myers has something of interest taking place from early in the morning until very early in the next morning! This means that no matter the time of day or night, there will be something taking place in Fort Myers that is well worth checking out.

If you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary but you want to see a genuine piece of American history, the home of famous inventor Thomas Edison will be worth a visit. There is also the home of Henry Ford, the man who made Ford a common name and who brought automobiles to the mass market. These homes are very close by and are linked through The Friendship Gate. Edisons house feature a wide range of inventions, including many that never became popular or too well known, so there is a lot to see and enjoy in this area.

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