Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa

Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa
Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa
Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa
Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa

Things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa may not be the first theme park people think of when it comes to Florida, but Busch Gardens is a very popular choice and it has been since 1959. Busch Gardens Tampa, which originally had an African theme but now draws influence from all around the world, welcomes over 4 million guests to the park every single area.

There are a number of themed areas in Busch Gardens, which can help guests to see a wide range of animals and wildlife.


Upon entering the park, it is likely that the first area guests come across is Morocco. There is a musical ensemble playing here to welcome guests and there is a wide range of African animals to enjoy. There is also a roller coaster at this this part of the park with Gwazi being a firm favourite. There is talk that Gwazi will be replaced by a different roller coaster so anyone keen to enjoy this attraction should do so while they still can.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

If you are concerned that our things to do at Busch Gardens Tampa may not be for children, the inclusion of the Sesame Street Safari of Fun is a great addition. This was added to the park in 2010, taking over from the Land of the Dragons. People that enjoyed the Land of the Dragons will find that many of the original attractions remain in place but have now been re-themed and re-branded with characters from the popular TV show Sesame Street. This means you can find characters like Bert & Ernie in place while there is a roller coaster for kids featuring Grover. Stanleyville

If you are keen to enjoy some water rides, the Stanleyville area of the park is the place to be one of the most popular attractions in this part of the park is the SheiKra, which is a rollercoaster with a floorless dive and which has a 90 degree vertical drop. There are also attractions like the Stanley Falls Flume and the Tanganyikda Tidal Wave, both of which combine great excitement with the thrill of water, adding a level of excitement to the already high level of tension provided by the rides themselves.


The Congo area of Busch Gardens plays host to a number of very popular rides in the park. There was a massive overhaul of this area back in 2006, transforming the park. The traditional Python roller coaster was removed, although the Kumba and the Congo River Rapids remain in place. There are also Bumper Cars in this area of the park, providing a form of excitement for those who like action but do not like rollercoasters or attractions with a major drop. Jungala

The Jungala is a relatively recent addition to Busch Gardens, opening up in 2008. This part of the park allows you to see animals at close hand. There are also a number of rope bridges that will you enable to experience jungle life while kids will be able to enjoy a water area. There is also a zip line which offers stunning views of the park and which stretches out across the treetops of this part of the park. There is also a shot tower that will launch guests over a waterfall. If you enjoy tigers, take the tiger trail and get the chance to be safely placed into the heart of a tiger enclosure.


This section of the park was originally opened in 1980, when it was referred to as Timbuktu but it was been restyled for 2014. If you are looking to see the most up to date area of the park, packed full of the latest in theme park fun, this is likely to be an area that is of considerable interest to you. If you or your family like animals, wildlife and thrilling rides, you should find a visit to Busch Gardens to be worthy of your time.

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