Kauai Best Beaches

Kauai Best Beaches
Kauai Best Beaches
Kauai Best Beaches
Kauai Best Beaches

Kauai is known to have some of the best beaches on earth and visitors will never be disappointed with a Kauai beach on their Kauai Hawaii honeymoon or holiday. The long white sand beaches with warm turquoise water and a backdrop of tropical rainforest is enough to make anyone truly relaxed and in awe. Some of the beaches in Kauai have lifeguards and some don’t, so always be aware when wanting to swim in the warm Hawaiian waters and make sure you never swim alone! There are so many beautiful beaches in Kauai that we cannot list them all so here are our top 5 Kauai beaches to visit:

Hanalei Bay Beach

Hanalei Bay Beach is the most popular beach spot on the northern shore of Kauai, and it stretches over 2 miles with golden sand and warm blue waters. The crescent shaped bay is backed by majestic mountains and surrounded by 2 beautiful coral reefs on both sides!  This beach caters for everyone from families, surfers and even divers who can visit the sunken shipwreck offshore. There are also plenty of water activities to do such as bodyboarding, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, and canoe paddling.

Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach is known to be one of the best spots on the northern shore of Kauai for snorkelling and diving! This reef is a rare gem for Kauai and will make your 2023 Hawaii holiday so memorable! Finding the beach is a bit tricky but the two entrance roads have been marked by the residents for accessibility. Tunnels Beach is protected by lifeguards who patrol the area to make sure you can swim safely and there are picnic tables where you can enjoy lunch with your family or friends. Tunnels Beach is a beautiful crescent shaped golden sand beach with a backdrop of tall, lush mountains that create remarkable scenery.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach is a small and calm beach in the town of Poipu that is the perfect beach for families with small children or those wanting to relax on the sand and snorkel in the calm waters. Baby Beach is the ideal tranquil spot perfect for relaxing and sunbathing or splashing around in the shallow blue waters. Also, sea turtles and monk seals are frequently spotted in the region so be sure to be on the lookout for them whilst on Baby Beach.

Anahola Beach

Located south of Anahola Bay is Anahola Beach, a beautiful white sandy beach with a protective reef that offers amazing swimming and snorkelling. Anahola Beach is perfect for those wanting to be a bit more secluded for peace and quiet but also be able to drive to the beach to avoid carrying all your things from the car. This beach comes with a gorgeous view as the Kalalea mountains can be seen from the coast. Activities such as surfing, fishing, beach walking can also be enjoyed here.

Poipu Beach

Poipu Beach is on the southern shore of Kauai and is the main attraction of this region. The beach is ideal for children, learning surfers, swimmers, snorkellers and advanced surfers alike as Poipu Beach separates into two regions. Poipu Beach, specifically Nukumoi Point, is also home to the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal which can often be found napping on the sand. There are a lot of amenities at this beach such as restrooms, picnic tables, showers, an outdoor playground for children and rental shops for snorkelling and surfing gears. This golden sand beach is ideal for everyone and is a must-visit on your 2024/2025 Kauai Hawaii holiday.