All-Inclusive Family Holidays at Playacar Palace in Cancun

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All-Inclusive Family Holidays at Playacar Palace in Cancun

All-Inclusive Family Holidays at Playacar Palace in Cancun

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If the La Blanca Spa Palace Resort is the ultimate place for honeymoons then the Playacar Palace is on the other side of the spectrum. It is probably the best all-inclusive resort in Cancun for family holidays.

The property is large enough to feel spacious but no so vast that you will lose kid on a walk to the pool.

This resort is all about location. It is just a short ways from the charming, laidback atmosphere of Playa del Carmen with its restaurants that are chock full of traditional Mexican cuisine, shops, nightclubs and bar on the world famous, 5th Avenue.

Physically located on white sands and at the foot of the beautiful, blue Caribbean, the Playacar Palace has more than 200 rooms, most of which have balconies and ocean views.

Each room comes with a double Jacuzzi, so there is plenty of room for the whole family to indulge in the relaxing jets. The adults with love the relaxing feel and the kids will have fun just being in their own Jacuzzi.

Family Fun at All-Inclusive Rates is Worth Every Penny at Playacar Palace in Cancun!

The kids have their very own club that runs non-stop, fun activities. This ensures that when the adults just want some alone time then the kids have somewhere to go. If the young ones get tired of the sun on the beach, well, there is the Kids Club for that as well.

Keeping the kids with you, though is one of the great things about family vacations, right? I mean why call it a family vacation if you are not going to keep the family together.

The Playacar Palace resort is about 35 miles south of Cancun International Airport. Do not worry, though. The all-inclusive rates include transportation to locations throughout the entire area, including Cancun and the Riviera Maya. So, take the kids to the jungle and to one of the ancient cities of the Mayans. Not only will enjoy the different geography and atmosphere but they willl also gain a greater appreciation for ancient cultures and what they were able to do. And the Mayans did a lot of stuff pretty awesome way back in the day.

The Playacar Palace is an all-inclusive resort in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area of Mexico. It is the perfect location to bring the entire family for a relaxing, educational and fun family holiday.