Interesting Facts about Elvis Presley

Interesting Facts about Elvis Presley

Interesting Facts about Elvis Presley, for instance Elvis Presley is a name synonymous with Rock n Roll, and of course a holidays to Memphis. Crowned the King of the genre and despite being many years since his death, his presence and influence is as strong today as ever.

It was in Tupelo in the Deep South of the USA on his 11th birthday that Elvis was given his first guitar, a monumental moment in music history. You can still visit the hardware store today (as many Elvis pilgrims do!)

It was not just his voice that was the subject of heated debate. Elvis stage presence was counted a novelty in the 50s. He even earned the nickname Elvis the Pelvis where a lot of Christian groups declared his act as profane, crude and a not so desirable influence over their teenage children. Who could resist that pelvic action!

Elvis had a very good movie career with such hits as Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas proving he was not just a one-trick pony.

One amusing fact was that Elvis was recorded as taking part in an Elvis Impersonation contest in a restaurant but instead of winning, he came third!

Amazingly, at high school, Elvis favourite subject was wood shop and not music!

Such was the fever of Elvis, when he received his draft notice for the US army; his producers requested a two month delay so he could finish filming his next movie which was King Creole.

Elvis never wrote any of his songs that he performed, over 600 of them!

Sorry girls, that jet black hair that was a signature of Elvis was actually hair dye, his natural colour was brown!

Elvis had a daughter, Lisa-Marie, who dated and married Michael Jackson and later Nicholas Cage. It is said that Nicholas Cage is the only person outside of Elvis close family who has seen his actual bedroom at Graceland.

Do you know the singer Barry White? Well it was listening to Elvis hit It is Now or Never that inspired Barry while serving a 4 month jail sentence to take up a career in music upon his release. Think how different music would be today if he had not heard that song and continued a life of crime instead!

Despite a lot of evidence to prove of Elvis untimely death in 1977, a lot of theorists still argue today that he never really died then. But if not, why announce your own death? Could he still be alive today and living a very different existence to that of a super star? One thing is for sure is that debate will still be very live for years to come.

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